Special Day

I have no idea what he did to get into the dog house but Antonio Aguilera is so cute when saying sorry. This scene, from Gods Of Men, starts simply: Colby Keller is reading, Antonio Aguilera comes in and brings him flowers to make up for some misdemeanour from before. But that’s not cutting the mustard and Colby is not impressed. So, Antonio goes out and comes back in again with something esle. Not exactly going right over the top but certainly standing pretty close to the edge of the precipice, he presents his lover with a puppy. I mean, you do, don’t you? Sorry we had a row, here’s a dog?

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Well, it works and before you can say ‘Who’s going to clear up its poop?’ the two guys are kissing and making up. (And the dog has scampered away.) And from then on the scene unfolds in what you might well call a pretty straightforward hardcore porn movie kind of way. Except that it is in the safe hands of Antonio Aguilera, the versatile six-footer with the cut seven and half inch dick who has made 11 movies for Men.com now. You may have seen him on Gods Of Men before as he has partnered up with Colt Rivers and Jimmy Durano – separately. You may have found him on Bick Dicks At School where he fucked Colden Armstrong, or on The Gay Office where he was fucked rigid by Colby Jansen. But if you’ve not seen him before, then not to worry; you are in for a big treat here as he starts to get down and dirty with Colby Keller.
So, back to the plot: well, we’ve kind of done the plot, the guys are making up. And that starts with some sensual kissing that is so natural you can believe that these two are actual lovers. Gods Of Men goes for the arty, the real, the sensuality of fit guys making love with fit guys and these two do that ethic justice. The kissing though soon leads on to body worship and Antonio Aguilera gives Colby a good going over with his tongue. As he is doing that and stripping him down, we get to see the guy’s hot body and his tattoos, and then his dick, which, after some sucking through the underwear, Antonio releases to start work on the shaft with his tongue.
Then the guys get naked and Antonio starts to assume his bottom position. He shows us his tight ass and spreads his cheeks so that Colby can start to lube it up. And here he uses his tongue, eating out that asshole, probing his tongue in there and matting all the other guy’s fur together with his spit. That hole is nice and wet, and slippery and aching for some deeper attention by the time Colby Keller is ready to fuck it. He lies on his back on the table and lets his lover lower himself down over his hard shaft. And Antonio Aguilera knows how to take a long cock so he starts slow, descending as the dick slides into his ass nice and also until it’s all in there right up to the balls. And then he can start on the rhythm, he starts to pleasure his lover with gentle, up and down strokes, massaging Colby cock with the insides of his ass.
But this is a two-way tag team and these two want to share all the pleasure so, after some very nice and sensuous fucking, they swap over and Antonio Aguilera fucks Colby Keller all the way to the cum-blast finale. A finale where Colby gets so much cum on his face, you wonder how he can breathe.