Special Day

Colby Keller and Antonio Aguilera team up for Gods of Men’s latest standalone scene, ‘Special Day’ And boy do we like it when DMH come up with something with stepdad and pervert in the same title! What we also like is when they bring relative newcomers together for a scene and in this case we’ve only seen Antonio Aguilera once before (appearing at Jizz Orgy in ‘Sex Traveler part 3’ back in 2013) and we’ve never seen Colby at all, as this is his first outing for Men.com.

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Keller is a cute looking twink-type with brown hair, a big dick (7.5 inches for those of us who count) and a totally smooth and fit body. He likes swimming and easting Mexican food and he describes himself as a bottom. He sure looks like someone I’d like to have grinding his teeth under me, but for now I’ll have to make do with imagining that I am Antonio Aguilera. Antonio is older than Colby, not as tall, but beefier and just as well hung. He is also a little more experienced and in this scene he is cut out to be the pervy stepdad of the title.

The scene starts with Antonio at home in his robe reading and looking every inch the older, geeky, and rather strict dad. There’s a phone call and we assume it’s mom ringing in to see how the new stepdad is settling in with his new stepson. He goes in search of the boy and discovers his laptop in his empty room. Watching what Colby has been watching he realises that the stepson has been jerking off on stepdad’s couch. Stepdad Antonio is not too sure what to make of this but finds he can’t put it down. He’s a bit torn, but the pervert in him is taking over and not only does he watch but he also starts playing with himself while doing so. Antonio Aguilera then takes out his meaty manly cock and starts giving it some real attention, and is still doing so when young Colby comes in and catches him at it.
Oops! Stepdad admits what he’s been doing and tries to come to a deal but young Colby has seen what he wants and he’s not letting dear old stepdad get away that lightly. Not with that great big cock on show and still hard. He wants to suck it and pervy SD is quite up for a bit of that, it seems. And so things start to get even more interesting as cute and fresh young Colby deep throats Antonio’s dick, and he has to get his mouth stretched really wide to accommodate it all. After a while of this Antonio Aguilera starts to dominate the younger guy and orders him to strip down. We get a great view of Colby naked and not yet hard, showing off his ass too and spreading his cheeks while Antonio fingers his hole with his toes. (Toes his hole?) And then Colby lies down on his front to carry on sucking showing us the perfect smoothness of his nice round ass.
Antonio starts working on Colby’ dick now and the two guys really start to open up and get into the action. But the best parts of this scene are still to come. Older, moustached Antonio Aguilera starts rimming the completely smooth and virgin-like ass of Keller and the boy just can’t get enough of it. And then, when Antonio starts to fuck him from behind, both guys are grunting and gasping with lust. Antonio grabs the boy’s hair and holds him as he fucks, he gets the lad to sit on his cock and fucks him from underneath, then on his back until neither guy can hold back any longer. Colby cums while being fucked and then Antonio Aguilera shoot his load onto the boy’s tongue, it’s noisy and it’s hot and it’s another perfect porn scene from Drill My Hole.