Christian Wilde and Colby Keller together at The Gay Office

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Christian Wilde tapped his fingers on the desk as Colby Keller entered his office. His breath caught as the brown haired, chiseled jaw and well sculpted man entered. He knew from Colby’s application that he hadn’t had an interview in years. Upon a closer appraisal, he noticed the fine sheen of sweat glistening on his brow andChristian licked his lips. His cock twitched in his pants as he imagined other reasons why he could be sweating.

A coy smile slipping across his lips, he looked Colby up and down as he got up and walked around the desk. Shaking his hand, chills zipped through him and lust consumed him. Colby’s hand lingered in his neither of them willing to retract their fingers yet.

Meeting the other man’s eyes, he slipped his hand down his arm, tracing his fingers across his abdomen. Colby’s chocolate eyes widened and he gasped. Christian watched in awe as Colby slowly dropped his hand to his pants and loosened his belt.

Dipping his hand into Colby’s pants, he wrapped his hand around Colby’s already hard, very large cock. Groaning he began pumping his dick reveling in the feel of it hardening and lengthening in his hand. His own member bulged in his pants and he used his free hand to relieve himself of his khakis, dropping them to his ankles. Rolling his thumb over the top of Colby’s penis, he pumped harder, faster until Colby grunted his semen spurting out all over the grey carpet.

Seeing his interviewees tension leave his body, he gently guided him to his desk. Without prompt, Colby bent over the desk offering his ass to him. He closed his eyes and bit his lip as he ran his cock across his butt. Slowly, he eased himself into Colby, grunting as his tight walls sucked him in. His dick pulsed and he thrust in hard and fast groaning as his release built in him. His member tightened and he pulled out pumping his hand up and down his shaft as he spilled his cum all over Colby’s back, marking his territory.

Sated, he pulled his pants back up and tucked his shirt in. He still had several other interviews, but he was quite certain Colby Keller would get a second interview.