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colby keller
Conner Maguire and Colby Keller at home feeling bored. They don’t know what to do with themselves. Two drag queens come in and give them some rather funny ideas of what they can do to liven up their dull lives: Raising money for charities, helping a male stripper out, going to church, sucking on a cock, but none of the suggestions seem to work. Except for the last one. The two drag queens leave them to their own devices, and both men realize they are feeling horny. Colby gets out of his chair and kisses Conner on the lips.
Their hands go between their legs and they rub each other’s hard dicks. Conner stands up and Colby squats down and takes his cock in his month. Conner closes his eyes and strokes his hand all over Colby’s hair. He loves feeling of the hot breath over his cock, as Colby sucks it from his dick head and all the way down, until his nose gets buried in his curly red pubes.
They quickly strip naked and Conner gets on his knees. As he sucks on Colby’s cock he plays with Colby’s hanging balls. Colby can’t stop groaning with excitement as his Conner’s magic mouth goes up and down on him. He thrusts forwards and fucks his face back, in perfect unison with Conner’s sucking.
Conner Maguire climbs onto the dining table, onto his hands and knees, and, with his muscular ass stuck up in the air, Colby flicks his eager tongue all around the rim of his sensitive asshole. Colby slaps his ass and asks him if he wants to get fucked. Conner says yes and feels Colby’s tongue back in his tight crack for a few seconds.
With one foot on the table, and the other one on the ground Conner stays bent over as Colby gets behind him and aims his hard dick directly over his twitching, wet hole. And then he pushes it in, opening Conner’s crack wide.
The camera goes underneath them and we get a perfect view of Colby’s cock pounding Conner’s beautiful hard ass. The room gets hotter and sweat slides down their hot bodies as they carry on fucking dirty doggy style.
Conner moves onto the couch, and Colby sits on his face getting his asshole licked this time. He rotates his hips around as Conner darts his tongue in and out of his hungry hole. Colby Keller makes sure his asshole is dripping wet with his spit, and then he moves down Conner’s body and impales his wet hole on Conner’s hard dick. He bounces up and down in short quick thrusts, getting more and more excited by the second. He holds on to his throbbing dick and feels his balls tighten up; his cock throbs in his hand and thick white globs of cum erupt out of him. Still panting, he gets on his knees and watches as Conner Maguire jerks on his cock next to his face. Colby opens his mouth and gets rewarded with cum spraying all over his face.
Now then, where did those drag queens get to?

Colby Keller fucking Tommy Defendi

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Here is how it all started. It was in the during the night and Colby Keller turns up on Tommy Defendi’s doorstep sounding rough and all sorts of hopeless after being knocked down by his long time sexy girlfriend. Like any good admirer would do, Tommy ask him inside, strips him down and has an sexy bath with him both totally naked . Tommy understands that breaks down is arduous and detects a way to assist by making matters heavier, and so sucking those more difficult affairs. Next the boys flip flop fuck one another and Colby is left finding himself like a new man. And ready to find a new hot lover.