Affairs Part 1

If you are looking for something new, guaranteed good and hot, Gods Of Men has a new series just starting. This site features the top, big, studly, handsome, fit (select your own adjective) men from the stables and puts them together in gloriously well made movies that always satisfy. Forget twinks and jocks, this is the real deal with dads and studs and tough, butch guys who simply like to get down and hot with each other as the cameras roll.

In this scene we see the start of a series simply titled ‘Affairs’ and it is a pretty straightforward offering, at least to start with. Two guys meet up and start kissing passionately, obviously in some clandestine meeting place and probably going behind their lovers’ backs. But there is a slight twist, or at least a slight unsettling of the mind, as things start off because someone is watching. We have no idea who as hunky Colby Keller meets up in some urban, disused place, with six-pack stud Dato Foland. Within seconds they are kissing and grappling and stripping each other down.

Colby gets down on his knees first to get to work lovingly on Dato’s dick and as he does he is feeling him all over, running his hands across his fit, tight body and helping him off with his clothes. The guys then swap and Dato gets his lips, mouth and throat around Colby’s eight inches of meat. The Colby bends his man over and gets his bearded face right in between his ass cheeks and Dato loves the feel of that fur. He’s playing with his own cock as Colby rims his ass, driving his tongue in deep before driving his cock in deeper.

That’s the first half of the movie the second half concerns itself with Colby fucking the cute and smooth Dato, this way, that way, and up against the wall doggy style until he pulls out and shoots his thick wad over his lover’s back. There’s more kissing and ball squeezing as Dato jerks his dick, bringing himself closer to orgasm while Colby can’t leave his mouth alone. The second cum shot follows and the lovers calm down, their secret affair still secret and their passions spent.

But is it still secret? Who was watching from behind that wall, or was that just our point of view? I guess the only way to find out for sure is to wait until part two and, knowing Gods Of Men, we won’t have to wait very long for it and we certainly won’t be disappointed when we get to see it.