E-male is a new scene from The Gay Office (new and exclusive I should add) that stars relative newcomer Jessie Colter in only his second porn shoot for Men dot com. This guy is versatile with brown hair and brown eyes and a nicely rounded butt, and a seven inch cut cock. Here is he put up against uncut top Colby Keller who has now made 11 movies for this top site. But now I bet you are wondering what the caged of the title is all about We’ve mentioned the cocks, but where does that cage come in?

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Well, it just kind of happens to be there. This is one of those scenes that just starts, though there is a scenario to it. Colby is in his boxing gear, those long satin shorts, gloves, and boots and he’s feeling himself up while working himself out on the punch bag. Then he’s down to his red jockstrap and the gloves are off. His hands free, he can now pay special attention to his cock which is soon hard and meaty. He pulls his hood back and forth over his cock head and is really getting into it when another boxer appears. Hot from his bout, Jessie watches the older, stockier guy playing with himself, leaning back against the caged wall of the gym room.

Jessie’s cock grows hard in his yellow jock and is soon out for us all to savour, and the two guys start eyeing each other up. There’s that kind of animal wariness about them at first, sizing each other as if they were going to go ten rounds together, but before long it’s clear who is going to be top here and who is going to get down on his knees first. It’s Jessie and he starts to worship that uncut cock like he’s never seen one before. Colby really knows how to use the younger guy’s mouth and is soon filling it in all kinds of positions. The guys 69, inside the caged walls of the gym, on the floor mat, and then we get to the real bout, the ass banging match where Colby is well and truly on top of things.

New boy Jessie is again put through his paces and proves he has stamina. His ass takes a good pounding for quite a while before Colby is satisfied and jerks himself off over Jessie’s hairy chest. Jessie empties his nuts onto his stomach and the two macho boxer guys end up in a kind of draw with a tender kiss at the end. Caged Cocks might be the title of the scene, but those two impressive dicks come out fighting and don’t stay caged for long.