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‘Str8 To Gay’ know what to show you if you are at home alone, or even with a friend or two, and feeling horny. This movie from http://www.gaypornstarstube.xxx is bound to get your juices flowing, your hands pumping, and your cocks throbbing.
colby keller
Conner Maguire and Colby Keller at home feeling bored. They don’t know what to do with themselves. Two drag queens come in and give them some rather funny ideas of what they can do to liven up their dull lives: Raising money for charities, helping a male stripper out, going to church, sucking on a cock, but none of the suggestions seem to work. Except for the last one. The two drag queens leave them to their own devices, and both men realize they are feeling horny. Colby gets out of his chair and kisses Conner on the lips.
Their hands go between their legs and they rub each other’s hard dicks. Conner stands up and Colby squats down and takes his cock in his month. Conner closes his eyes and strokes his hand all over Colby’s hair. He loves feeling of the hot breath over his cock, as Colby sucks it from his dick head and all the way down, until his nose gets buried in his curly red pubes.
They quickly strip naked and Conner gets on his knees. As he sucks on Colby’s cock he plays with Colby’s hanging balls. Colby can’t stop groaning with excitement as his Conner’s magic mouth goes up and down on him. He thrusts forwards and fucks his face back, in perfect unison with Conner’s sucking.
Conner Maguire climbs onto the dining table, onto his hands and knees, and, with his muscular ass stuck up in the air, Colby flicks his eager tongue all around the rim of his sensitive asshole. Colby slaps his ass and asks him if he wants to get fucked. Conner says yes and feels Colby’s tongue back in his tight crack for a few seconds.
With one foot on the table, and the other one on the ground Conner stays bent over as Colby gets behind him and aims his hard dick directly over his twitching, wet hole. And then he pushes it in, opening Conner’s crack wide.
The camera goes underneath them and we get a perfect view of Colby’s cock pounding Conner’s beautiful hard ass. The room gets hotter and sweat slides down their hot bodies as they carry on fucking dirty doggy style.
Conner moves onto the couch, and Colby sits on his face getting his asshole licked this time. He rotates his hips around as Conner darts his tongue in and out of his hungry hole. Colby Keller makes sure his asshole is dripping wet with his spit, and then he moves down Conner’s body and impales his wet hole on Conner’s hard dick. He bounces up and down in short quick thrusts, getting more and more excited by the second. He holds on to his throbbing dick and feels his balls tighten up; his cock throbs in his hand and thick white globs of cum erupt out of him. Still panting, he gets on his knees and watches as Conner Maguire jerks on his cock next to his face. Colby opens his mouth and gets rewarded with cum spraying all over his face.
Now then, where did those drag queens get to?

Special Day

Colby Keller and Antonio Aguilera team up for Gods of Men’s latest standalone scene, ‘Special Day’ And boy do we like it when DMH come up with something with stepdad and pervert in the same title! What we also like is when they bring relative newcomers together for a scene and in this case we’ve only seen Antonio Aguilera once before (appearing at Jizz Orgy in ‘Sex Traveler part 3’ back in 2013) and we’ve never seen Colby at all, as this is his first outing for Men.com.

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Keller is a cute looking twink-type with brown hair, a big dick (7.5 inches for those of us who count) and a totally smooth and fit body. He likes swimming and easting Mexican food and he describes himself as a bottom. He sure looks like someone I’d like to have grinding his teeth under me, but for now I’ll have to make do with imagining that I am Antonio Aguilera. Antonio is older than Colby, not as tall, but beefier and just as well hung. He is also a little more experienced and in this scene he is cut out to be the pervy stepdad of the title.

The scene starts with Antonio at home in his robe reading and looking every inch the older, geeky, and rather strict dad. There’s a phone call and we assume it’s mom ringing in to see how the new stepdad is settling in with his new stepson. He goes in search of the boy and discovers his laptop in his empty room. Watching what Colby has been watching he realises that the stepson has been jerking off on stepdad’s couch. Stepdad Antonio is not too sure what to make of this but finds he can’t put it down. He’s a bit torn, but the pervert in him is taking over and not only does he watch but he also starts playing with himself while doing so. Antonio Aguilera then takes out his meaty manly cock and starts giving it some real attention, and is still doing so when young Colby comes in and catches him at it.
Oops! Stepdad admits what he’s been doing and tries to come to a deal but young Colby has seen what he wants and he’s not letting dear old stepdad get away that lightly. Not with that great big cock on show and still hard. He wants to suck it and pervy SD is quite up for a bit of that, it seems. And so things start to get even more interesting as cute and fresh young Colby deep throats Antonio’s dick, and he has to get his mouth stretched really wide to accommodate it all. After a while of this Antonio Aguilera starts to dominate the younger guy and orders him to strip down. We get a great view of Colby naked and not yet hard, showing off his ass too and spreading his cheeks while Antonio fingers his hole with his toes. (Toes his hole?) And then Colby lies down on his front to carry on sucking showing us the perfect smoothness of his nice round ass.
Antonio starts working on Colby’ dick now and the two guys really start to open up and get into the action. But the best parts of this scene are still to come. Older, moustached Antonio Aguilera starts rimming the completely smooth and virgin-like ass of Keller and the boy just can’t get enough of it. And then, when Antonio starts to fuck him from behind, both guys are grunting and gasping with lust. Antonio grabs the boy’s hair and holds him as he fucks, he gets the lad to sit on his cock and fucks him from underneath, then on his back until neither guy can hold back any longer. Colby cums while being fucked and then Antonio Aguilera shoot his load onto the boy’s tongue, it’s noisy and it’s hot and it’s another perfect porn scene from Drill My Hole.


E-male is a new scene from The Gay Office (new and exclusive I should add) that stars relative newcomer Jessie Colter in only his second porn shoot for Men dot com. This guy is versatile with brown hair and brown eyes and a nicely rounded butt, and a seven inch cut cock. Here is he put up against uncut top Colby Keller who has now made 11 movies for this top site. But now I bet you are wondering what the caged of the title is all about We’ve mentioned the cocks, but where does that cage come in?

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Well, it just kind of happens to be there. This is one of those scenes that just starts, though there is a scenario to it. Colby is in his boxing gear, those long satin shorts, gloves, and boots and he’s feeling himself up while working himself out on the punch bag. Then he’s down to his red jockstrap and the gloves are off. His hands free, he can now pay special attention to his cock which is soon hard and meaty. He pulls his hood back and forth over his cock head and is really getting into it when another boxer appears. Hot from his bout, Jessie watches the older, stockier guy playing with himself, leaning back against the caged wall of the gym room.

Jessie’s cock grows hard in his yellow jock and is soon out for us all to savour, and the two guys start eyeing each other up. There’s that kind of animal wariness about them at first, sizing each other as if they were going to go ten rounds together, but before long it’s clear who is going to be top here and who is going to get down on his knees first. It’s Jessie and he starts to worship that uncut cock like he’s never seen one before. Colby really knows how to use the younger guy’s mouth and is soon filling it in all kinds of positions. The guys 69, inside the caged walls of the gym, on the floor mat, and then we get to the real bout, the ass banging match where Colby is well and truly on top of things.

New boy Jessie is again put through his paces and proves he has stamina. His ass takes a good pounding for quite a while before Colby is satisfied and jerks himself off over Jessie’s hairy chest. Jessie empties his nuts onto his stomach and the two macho boxer guys end up in a kind of draw with a tender kiss at the end. Caged Cocks might be the title of the scene, but those two impressive dicks come out fighting and don’t stay caged for long.

Special Day

I have no idea what he did to get into the dog house but Antonio Aguilera is so cute when saying sorry. This scene, from Gods Of Men, starts simply: Colby Keller is reading, Antonio Aguilera comes in and brings him flowers to make up for some misdemeanour from before. But that’s not cutting the mustard and Colby is not impressed. So, Antonio goes out and comes back in again with something esle. Not exactly going right over the top but certainly standing pretty close to the edge of the precipice, he presents his lover with a puppy. I mean, you do, don’t you? Sorry we had a row, here’s a dog?

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Well, it works and before you can say ‘Who’s going to clear up its poop?’ the two guys are kissing and making up. (And the dog has scampered away.) And from then on the scene unfolds in what you might well call a pretty straightforward hardcore porn movie kind of way. Except that it is in the safe hands of Antonio Aguilera, the versatile six-footer with the cut seven and half inch dick who has made 11 movies for Men.com now. You may have seen him on Gods Of Men before as he has partnered up with Colt Rivers and Jimmy Durano – separately. You may have found him on Bick Dicks At School where he fucked Colden Armstrong, or on The Gay Office where he was fucked rigid by Colby Jansen. But if you’ve not seen him before, then not to worry; you are in for a big treat here as he starts to get down and dirty with Colby Keller.
So, back to the plot: well, we’ve kind of done the plot, the guys are making up. And that starts with some sensual kissing that is so natural you can believe that these two are actual lovers. Gods Of Men goes for the arty, the real, the sensuality of fit guys making love with fit guys and these two do that ethic justice. The kissing though soon leads on to body worship and Antonio Aguilera gives Colby a good going over with his tongue. As he is doing that and stripping him down, we get to see the guy’s hot body and his tattoos, and then his dick, which, after some sucking through the underwear, Antonio releases to start work on the shaft with his tongue.
Then the guys get naked and Antonio starts to assume his bottom position. He shows us his tight ass and spreads his cheeks so that Colby can start to lube it up. And here he uses his tongue, eating out that asshole, probing his tongue in there and matting all the other guy’s fur together with his spit. That hole is nice and wet, and slippery and aching for some deeper attention by the time Colby Keller is ready to fuck it. He lies on his back on the table and lets his lover lower himself down over his hard shaft. And Antonio Aguilera knows how to take a long cock so he starts slow, descending as the dick slides into his ass nice and also until it’s all in there right up to the balls. And then he can start on the rhythm, he starts to pleasure his lover with gentle, up and down strokes, massaging Colby cock with the insides of his ass.
But this is a two-way tag team and these two want to share all the pleasure so, after some very nice and sensuous fucking, they swap over and Antonio Aguilera fucks Colby Keller all the way to the cum-blast finale. A finale where Colby gets so much cum on his face, you wonder how he can breathe.

It all ends with a kiss of cum

Sometimes you want to see a porn movie that starts like a porn movie and ends like a porn movie. What do I mean? Well, think if your typical porn flick, it used to be a grainy video with guys with moustaches and lots of hair, set to very dodgy music, cowboys would meet and fall in lust and there we go. Later they became more adventurous, and more recently they started to add storylines and themes, at least the better movie houses did. And you will know, from reading the posts here that we like a good story and a good build-up, but sometimes you can have too much of that and it’s nice to have a change.

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So, when Deeply Desired starts it starts like a porn movie: two hunks meet and start kissing, no words are said, there’s no setting to speak of, no gimmicks. Simply the ever hunky and beary Colby Keller and the always good to see Johnny Ryder meeting and smacking their lips together before you can say ‘where is that tacky music?’ This scene, from Gods Of Men, gives it to us straight. Well, gives it to us gay I guess you’d have to say. As is the case with Gods Of Men movies it’s all about the men and the sex, not the setting and the storyline.

The guys start off with some horny cock work, with Johnny Ryder giving Colby’s cock a good long mouth work-over, tongues, throat, lips and all. During this horny section the guys also get naked, so we get some nice views of their toned, muscular bodies. Then they flip positions and Johnny climbs over Colby so the guy can rim his ass. It’s all about the sex, remember, and so far no one has said a word. Then Johnny is sitting on Colby Keller’s face so the other guy can get his tongue in deep and for a good long time, and then the guys are in a sixty nine. Colby fingers Johnny’s smooth ass for a while and then gives his cock a good long sucking. And by now folks we’re still only eight minutes into a 20 minute long movie. These guys sure know how to film sex.

After several more hot minutes of ass licking and cock sucking the guys are winding themselves up, they are getting more and more passionate and show no signs of slowing down, Colby Keller goes mad for Johnny’s ass and then, after getting it good and wet, starts pile-driving his cock into it. Before very long Johnny Ryder is riding that cock, living up to his name and being a cock jockey of the first order, sitting on it, getting it deep in his ass, and all the time kissing his bearded lover.

The guys give us variety and change their positions several times through this hot scene, the camera roves around, we get in close, we pull back but they don’t stop. It’s a scene that, as I said, start like a porn film and ends like a porn film, with sex. There’s no let up and still no talking, and certainly no dodgy music, as the two hunks fuck their way to noisy, manly orgasms that leave Johnny Ryder wet with sweat and Colby Keller’s cum.

Affairs Part 1

If you are looking for something new, guaranteed good and hot, Gods Of Men has a new series just starting. This site features the top, big, studly, handsome, fit (select your own adjective) men from the Men.com stables and puts them together in gloriously well made movies that always satisfy. Forget twinks and jocks, this is the real deal with dads and studs and tough, butch guys who simply like to get down and hot with each other as the cameras roll.

In this scene we see the start of a series simply titled ‘Affairs’ and it is a pretty straightforward offering, at least to start with. Two guys meet up and start kissing passionately, obviously in some clandestine meeting place and probably going behind their lovers’ backs. But there is a slight twist, or at least a slight unsettling of the mind, as things start off because someone is watching. We have no idea who as hunky Colby Keller meets up in some urban, disused place, with six-pack stud Dato Foland. Within seconds they are kissing and grappling and stripping each other down.

Colby gets down on his knees first to get to work lovingly on Dato’s dick and as he does he is feeling him all over, running his hands across his fit, tight body and helping him off with his clothes. The guys then swap and Dato gets his lips, mouth and throat around Colby’s eight inches of meat. The Colby bends his man over and gets his bearded face right in between his ass cheeks and Dato loves the feel of that fur. He’s playing with his own cock as Colby rims his ass, driving his tongue in deep before driving his cock in deeper.

That’s the first half of the movie the second half concerns itself with Colby fucking the cute and smooth Dato, this way, that way, and up against the wall doggy style until he pulls out and shoots his thick wad over his lover’s back. There’s more kissing and ball squeezing as Dato jerks his dick, bringing himself closer to orgasm while Colby can’t leave his mouth alone. The second cum shot follows and the lovers calm down, their secret affair still secret and their passions spent.

But is it still secret? Who was watching from behind that wall, or was that just our point of view? I guess the only way to find out for sure is to wait until part two and, knowing Gods Of Men, we won’t have to wait very long for it and we certainly won’t be disappointed when we get to see it.

Colby Keller Gay Erotic Story

One of the best things about The Gay Office is how they will slowly build the scene in their hardcore flicks. A long, slow build-up with erotica to blow us away. However, there are times when you are so horny already that you just want to get right down and dirty with hot and heavy sex. Fortunately, “Lunch Time Flirting” delivers on your fast sex action need:Super hunky Men.com models Colby Keller and Tommy Defendi leave the office in search of lunch. In the canteen they see the cute new twink, Tyler Morgan.

Without speaking one word, the two men approach the young guy and soon have him on his knees in front of them. Before you can say “lunch break”, the two hunks have their cocks out and offer them both to young Tyler.Standing there with their zippers down and cocks out at full attention, our studly office workers could not look more alluring. Tyler does a fantastic job of sucking one massive cock before switching to the other – equally big – cock on the other side. He releases his own shaft and we see he has an impressive boner himself. The sucking and moaning is a sure sign that all three guys are enjoying themselves. However, man does not live by blow jobs alone; sometimes there is nothing more inviting than a twink’s ass.
Tyler bends over the dining room table, baring his tight twink ass for both men to enjoy. Soon our fully dressed hunks are taking turns reaming that tight pink ass. They do lap dances, showing way more skin now, and hold him around his waist while they batter his butt from every position. They let the little guy pull his own twink meat out of his jockstrap and pleasure himself as they continue to please themselves with his tight hole. The finish by giving him a full spit-roasting.The climax cums as Colby and Tommy continue to double-end Tyler and then squirt a mind blowing and nut busting amount of cum all over Tyler. If this is any indication of how well young Tyler – and his pretty pink twink gay porn ass – are going to be on The Gay Office, then I am looking forward to seeing more of this kid. He is going to go a long way here at the office.

Colby Keller fucking JD Phoenix

Time venturing porn visitor Colby Keller has returned for yet another smutty vacation. This time around he moves back to a less complicated time period in which he bangs an attractive cashier within a genuine 50’s dinner. JD Phoenix is truly amazed at the very first however really loves every single minute of obtaining his tiny hole fucked by Colby. Colby forced his face back on his hard dick, now hoping to get much more of it inside his lips. Kelly sensed it grow slightly in between his mouth due to the fact vanished from the outdoors globe and inside a amazing, small, slick moisture. Colby sensed the end of his nose struck JD lingerie, trimmed pubic hair while he grabbed him inside his throat. Keller gagged a tiny bit more but he proceeded no matter. He then noticed his very own dick increase in delight while he pressed his lips once more over his penis, once again hitting against it strongly together with his tongue.

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Christian Wilde and Colby Keller together at The Gay Office

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Christian Wilde tapped his fingers on the desk as Colby Keller entered his office. His breath caught as the brown haired, chiseled jaw and well sculpted man entered. He knew from Colby’s application that he hadn’t had an interview in years. Upon a closer appraisal, he noticed the fine sheen of sweat glistening on his brow andChristian licked his lips. His cock twitched in his pants as he imagined other reasons why he could be sweating.

A coy smile slipping across his lips, he looked Colby up and down as he got up and walked around the desk. Shaking his hand, chills zipped through him and lust consumed him. Colby’s hand lingered in his neither of them willing to retract their fingers yet.

Meeting the other man’s eyes, he slipped his hand down his arm, tracing his fingers across his abdomen. Colby’s chocolate eyes widened and he gasped. Christian watched in awe as Colby slowly dropped his hand to his pants and loosened his belt.

Dipping his hand into Colby’s pants, he wrapped his hand around Colby’s already hard, very large cock. Groaning he began pumping his dick reveling in the feel of it hardening and lengthening in his hand. His own member bulged in his pants and he used his free hand to relieve himself of his khakis, dropping them to his ankles. Rolling his thumb over the top of Colby’s penis, he pumped harder, faster until Colby grunted his semen spurting out all over the grey carpet.

Seeing his interviewees tension leave his body, he gently guided him to his desk. Without prompt, Colby bent over the desk offering his ass to him. He closed his eyes and bit his lip as he ran his cock across his butt. Slowly, he eased himself into Colby, grunting as his tight walls sucked him in. His dick pulsed and he thrust in hard and fast groaning as his release built in him. His member tightened and he pulled out pumping his hand up and down his shaft as he spilled his cum all over Colby’s back, marking his territory.

Sated, he pulled his pants back up and tucked his shirt in. He still had several other interviews, but he was quite certain Colby Keller would get a second interview.