Colby Keller Bio

Wee Colby was born in Michigan, only moved to Texas, where the boy maturated into not a itty-bitty affair any longer. Only back in the year 2004, Colby, alike many undergraduates prior to him, required some additional hard cash. He got hold of Sean Cody, who at the time was a push through internet site blowing the most college amateurs on cyberspace. Tho’ Colby recorded only a light 6 scenes for the web site, he directly perked up the boners of porno lovers across the nation.
Colby had endured thanks to his diversifying to different studios, from other “amateur” web site* alike Cocksure Men and Randy Blue , to acquiring cast by major studios Titan Men,Falcon and
Colby’s impressive 6′ 2″ figure also aids his charm, along with his size fifteen feet. Let alone that constantly aroused 8″ dick and his unsatiable power to both top and bottom. It is likewise his fun, easy-going nature that applies the common sense of not applying an act, but that the dude we see on screen are the guy we also meet in the real world.
Now dwelling in Baltimore, Colby carries on to be among the most desired performing artist*, and thats not just for sex.